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There are more than 110,000 different memory upgrades. So it takes a real expert to know the best upgrade for the thousands of computers out there.

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Finding the right memory for your needs can be confusing. Memory comes in a mind-boggling mix of shapes, sizes, speeds, and capacities. And today's systems require specific memory types designed to exacting standards. So how do you know which memory to buy? You can check your system's user manual to find out which type of memory your system supports. Or even easier, use the Crucial® Memory Advisor™ tool to find the right memory for you. We guarantee the upgrades you find through our online Memory Advisor will be a perfect match for your computer.

Many online memory sellers have some sort of memory configurator tool that promises to help you find a module that will work in your computer. But be forewarned: NOT ALL MEMORY SELECTOR TOOLS ARE CREATED EQUAL! The truth is, there's only one Crucial Memory Advisor tool, and it was designed by The Memory Experts at Crucial Technology. All you have to do is tell us what system you have and the Crucial Memory Advisor tells you what upgrades will work for you. And, it's guaranteed to be 100 percent compatible with your system, or we will give you your money back.

Compatibility is far and away the most important factor you should look at when buying a memory upgrade. Getting a memory upgrade that's compatible with your computer, compatible with the work you plan to do, and compatible with the performance gains you expect is what it's all about. It's fundamental.

The Crucial Memory Advisor contains details about your computer that you won't even find in the owner's manual that came with it. For example, maybe a specific 128MB module works in a certain system if it's made with one generation of chips, but if made with a different generation, the module won't work in that system at all. Or, it's quite possible that a particular module that worked with a system's old motherboard might not work with the new motherboard. Or maybe your manufacturer suggests a 128MB upgrade, but doesn't say whether you need a regular or low-profile DIMM. We review this data daily to keep the Crucial Memory Advisor as close to 100 percent accurate as possible.

We work very hard to make upgrading your memory painless. We do the hard work and research so you don't have to. And we do more than just give you your system information and a foreign-looking list of parts that your system can take. We take extra steps and provide an explicit, detailed list of compatible upgrades, recommended upgrades, and even the most popular upgrades. We advise you and explain the various levels of performance gains you can expect when you purchase a certain upgrade. You never have to guess or worry about getting the right module.


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