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The term "phishing" relates to email scams where unsolicited messages are sent by illegitimate senders, usually posing as a recognised brand or organisation.

These emails may attempt to trick you into disclosing personal or financial information. Sometimes the email may contain a virus hidden within an attachment, which if opened, could be harmful to your computer.

If you receive an email from Dabs (or any other part of BT) that you weren't expecting, or you're suspicious about its contents, then:

  • Don't click on it or open any attachments
  • You can also forward the suspicious email to abuse@bt.com (dabs.com is a wholly owned subsidiary of BT)

You can find more useful information and advice at www.bt.com/safety.

16.10.12 Incident Alert:
We're aware of a computer virus being distributed via an unsolicited email which has been designed to look like it's been sent by BT Business Direct. These emails mimick the layout of an 'order confirmation' or 'notice of delivery' email and typically contain an attachment. If you haven't placed an order with BT Business Direct and were not expecting a confirmation email, then please ignore the message and delete it. We can confirm that no transaction has occurred and no goods will be despatched. **Please do not open the attachment as it contains a virus which may harm your computer**.


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