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Read on if you'd like to know...

In brief...

  • When we ship an order we produce an invoice showing VAT and email it to you automatically.
  • You can request a copy by going to you account area and requesting one.
  • Please note that invoices are available for completed orders only and not "part shipped" orders.

Further information...

To obtain a copy of your invoice, please click here to log into your account (you'll find a link to ‘My Dabs’ tab near the top left corner of our website too), then choose the 'Orders/returns' option. Use the drop down menu to help you find the relevant order then click the 'view order' button. The details of your order will be presented. To request a copy of your e-Receipt, scroll to the bottom of your order and click the 'request invoice' button. Your invoice will be sent by email shortly after.

We cannot change any of the information on the invoice once it has been issued for the first time for legal reasons.


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