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Ensure your IT environment is optimised with the correct infrastructure, using the very best server racks and networking equipment available at BT Business Direct. 

When you require a rigid and robust method of securely mounting your racks, trust BT Business Direct to offer you a whole host of options to complement your data centre needs. Developed to comply with the latest IT trends, you can rely on leading technology to support your mission-critical operations. With our server cabinets designed to provide you with the very best in cooling and environmental, enquire about our range of leading network cabinets at BT Business Direct today.   

Popular options include 42U cabinets, allowing 42 19" rack units to be fitted and compact 27U cabinets. When space is particularly at a premium consider a wall-mounted data cabinet.

HP Z240 Rail Rack Adaptor Bracket HP Z240 Rail Rack Adaptor Bracket
£21.00 ex VAT
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